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Buy and Sell Jewelry at Florida Pawn in South Florida

There’s a reason Pawn Shops are famous for fine pre-owned jewelry since they’re a great place to sell it for cash. If you’re in the market for an amazing piece of jewelry for yourself or someone else, you can find high-quality fine jewelry in our inventory at fair prices. Our team can show you a variety of necklaces, watches, and other beautiful wearable pieces of art. We can also assess a piece you’d like to sell and make you a fair offer, so you get paid cash on the spot. Our two locations in Hollywood and Margate have been in the business of buying, selling, and trading jewelry, gold, and other items since 2010. We will be happy to look at what you’re ready to part with.

gold jewelry

Tips for Selling Diamonds and Jewelry

If you’re ready to sell your diamonds and jewelry for immediate cash, you can come and see us at either location and we’ll appraise it. We’ll examine the stones and pieces of jewelry to make sure they’re real and give you the most accurate estimate possible. Once you agree to the offer and sign the loan contract or bill of sale, we’ll give cash for it right away. But before you come in, a few tips to help you sell your jewelry include:

  • Clean all your jewelry using a store-bought cleaner only that’s suited for the stones or metal.
  • Bring any receipts, records of past appraisals, and original boxes.
  • Bring a state or federal I.D. (examples: driver’s license or passport) to show when you sign the loan contract or bill of sale.
rings on display

Understanding a Diamond’s Value

Diamonds are a substantial investment, so you should know the 4C’s: cut, carat, clarity, and color. Florida Pawn always receives questions about a diamond’s true value that we buy or sell—nobody wants to overpay on a purchase or get shortchanged on a sale. The rough estimate of a diamond’s value is the total carat multiplied by the price per carat of that diamond. The industry standard to determine the price per carat is by examining the color and clarity. However other factors are involved that experienced gemologists take into account. You can come to Florida Pawn, and we’ll discuss the 4C’s and help you find the right diamond to buy or estimate your diamond’s total value that you own and would like to sell.

Get a Great Deal for Your Diamonds and Jewelry

You can find a great deal on pre-owned fine jewelry and diamonds or sell yours for cash on the spot when you come into either location of Florida Pawn, found in Hollywood and Margate, Florida. We can appraise your piece and give you an accurate estimate of its total value. Stop by today to buy, sell, or pawn jewelry!

We’ll Offer You the Most for Your Items!