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Sell Your Guns to Florida Pawn in South Florida

One of the best ways to legally buy and sells firearms is through a pawn shop. At Florida Pawn, we comply with all federal gun regulations, and we are a federally registered firearm dealer. Our team can make selling your guns quick and efficient. Whether you want to sell or pawn your gun is up to you, but you should consider what kind of value it holds. If it has a family history or sentimental attachment, then your best option might be to pawn your gun so you’ll get it back once your loan is repaid. Fairly new and quality antique firearms are the most valuable, and our experienced staff can give you an accurate estimate of your gun’s value.

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Important Things to Consider When Selling a Firearm

If you’re ready to part ways with your firearms and get cash on the spot for them, Florida Pawn can make you a great deal based on an accurate estimate of their worth. But before bringing them in, please consider the following advice:

Prepare Your Gun for Sale

NEVER take a loaded weapon into a pawn shop. Always bring it unloaded with the magazine separate in a locked case. You should also thoroughly clean your gun before selling it.

Have Your Documentation Ready

When you come in, bring your I.D., registration information, and any history you have on your firearm. A background check may be conducted, and we will not accept guns from minors or people who are not legal residents.

Understand Terms and Conditions

It’s critical that you understand the terms and conditions whether you’re selling or pawning a firearm. The staff at Florida Pawn will run through all the information you need to know, and please tell us if you have any questions.

When Buying a Firearm

Make sure you bring the proper documentation, which includes your I.D., and always make sure you’re buying from or selling/pawning to a federally registered firearm dealer.

Find a Great Deal on Firearms

When you want to sell your guns to a reputable business and make cash on the spot, bring them to Florida Pawn, where we offer the most for your items. The experienced team will give you the best customer service and provide an accurate estimate of the value of your firearms. With locations in Hollywood and Margate, you can buy, sell, and pawn items of all kinds, from guns to cellphones, and even jewelry and antiques. We’re open 6 days a week for your convenience, so stop by Florida Pawn today to sell your goods for cash on the spot!

We’ll Offer You the Most for Your Items!