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Cash for Gold at Florida Pawn in South Florida

Since the Egyptian empire and into the Yukon Gold Rush, gold has been one of the world’s most desired materials. It still holds its value today, like in investing blogs and finance columns where it recommends gold as a stable long-term investment. It’s correct to assume that this commodity retains its high value and selling price even in the midst of what happens with the stock market, real estate, and currency inflation. As a tangible asset, it’s a treasure of high value that you can form into jewelry and coins, which adds historical or antique value to it. To turn your gold into cash, come to either of our pawn shops where we can give you an estimate of its total value.

gold coins and jewelry

Assessing Fair Value for Your Gold

Not all dealers will buy gold from you if they sold it to you in the past; and if they do, their offer could be at a lower rate than what they priced it at when you bought it. The difference between the amount you paid and the amount someone will buy it back is referred to as the spread. The majority of dealers try to sell you gold at a price that’s a little higher than its value, and then they’ll buy it back at a little lower price per ounce than the going rate. The spread can be small, but sometimes when the financial markets are falling sharply the spread can get bigger. This puts you at a disadvantage at that time if you try to sell it.

Take the time to research how the gold prices have been moving over a long period of time, instead of just today for this month. If the price has been going up for several months it’s good if you want to sell, and if it’s been dropping you’ll get less back than you could, or possibly not even at the price you paid. With a little research, you can analyze the trends of gold and decide if you want to sell now or wait.

Come to Florida Pawn for a Fair Offer

If you’re interested in learning more or you feel prepared to sell your gold for cash now, stop by either Florida Pawn location in Hollywood or Margate. We can give you an estimate for your gold items based on the current rates. If you agree to our offer, we’ll give you cash on the spot for your jewelry or other gold goods. Our brokers have fairly assessed gold, jewelry, and a variety of other items here in Florida since 2010, and we’ll give you a fair offer. Come in today and turn your clutter into cash!

We’ll Offer You the Most for Your Items!