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Electronics to Buy, Sell, and Pawn in South Florida

Bring your electronics to one of our Florida Pawn locations in Hollywood or Margate and turn them into cold, hard cash. We accept a wide variety of items for pawn and our expert team can give you a quote for what they’re worth, as long as they’re in good working condition. Both of our locations will accept most makes and models of appliances, and we offer the most for your electronics and other goods. If you want to purchase an electronic appliance or device for a fair price, come to either of our locations to see what we have in our shops. We carry all kinds of electronics, including sounds systems, TVs, and computers, and we’ll give you a good deal on them.

girl using smart phone

Types of Electronics We Buy

At Florida Pawn, we buy all sorts of electronics from our customer, as long as they’re in good working order. Our list of acceptable items includes Apple products, Mac and Windows laptops, desktop computers digital and SLR cameras, Mobile phones and smartphones, televisions, stereos, sound systems, speakers, iPods, and much more. If it plugs in, bring it to us for fast money. When you sell your electronics to us, you know you’re getting the best deal in the area. We guarantee that what we offer you for your items are the highest prices for electronics, guns, cars, jewelry, and more.

couple using laptop

Basic Tips for the Best Estimate

If you’re selling your electronics and you want to get the highest possible estimate from our team, you’ll want to go through some helpful tips on preparing your items for sale, which include:

  • Make sure your item has been cleaned up and looks nice and appealing when you bring it into us.
  • When you’re here, give us an explanation of the item and run through all the features so we understand what it can do, which allows us to make a more accurate estimate.
  • Make sure it works. Plug it in and test everything out before coming to our shops.
  • Try your best to include all original accessories and other items, including remotes, cables, instruction manuals, and other parts that complete the total package.

Get the Best Offer for Your Electronics

Come to either of our stores in Hollywood and Margate to get an estimate on your electronic devices and appliances. We’re open six days a week to offer you the best customer service experience and top pricing for your goods, from electronics to antiques. And when you’re looking for a great deal on quality pre-owned items, our shops always carry a great selection. Come in today to either location of Florida Pawn and turn your electronics into cash on the spot!

We’ll Offer You the Most for Your Items!