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Florida Pawn Buys and Sells Boats, Cars, and More

If you are ready to buy or sell large items such as cars, boats, power tools, motorcycles, and many more, then come to Florida Pawn, where our staff can help find you the perfect ride for a great price. We also guarantee we will give you the most amount when deciding to sell these large items. We have two shops conveniently located in Hollywood and Margate, FL, to help you and your family when it is time to sell and purchase these large items at excellent prices.

Does Florida Pawn give loans on cars and motorcycles?

Florida Pawn does offer auto loans when looking to buy a car or motorcycle, similar to the one you can get from a bank. We will help you obtain this large item, and you will make payments to us until the car is fully paid off and you own it. We will sign the title over to you once the final payment gets made.

Can I pawn my vehicle at Florida pawn?

Florida Pawn will safely hold on to your vehicle while you have it pawned to us in either our Hollywood or Margate, FL location. Pawning your car or motorcycle will help get you the money you need instantly. We will inspect it to ensure it is in good working condition and get you the highest value possible. Once the loan is paid off, the car is yours again and ready to hit the road.

What all do I need to pawn a car or motorcycle?

If you need cash quickly, pawning your car may be an option for you. All you would need to bring to Florida Pawn is the title to the vehicle and your I.D. as proof of ownership. We will safely hold on to your car for you as collateral for the loan. Once you can pay the loan back in full with interest, you will get your vehicle back no problem. We will make the terms for as long as you need, you just need to pay the interest on the loan every 30 days. We don’t perform any credit checks, and you get cash quickly.

Does Florida Pawn give title loans?

A title loan would allow you to be able to drive your car while we hold onto the title as collateral for the requested loan amount. If you do not follow the terms and conditions laid out for the loan, Florida Pawn would be able to repossess your car as their own. Florida Pawn in Hollywood and Margate, FL does not offer these types of loans to residents.

How much can I get for my car/motorcycle title loan?

There is no set amount that you can receive as a loan for your car or motorcycle. You bring it in, and we will research to understand how much it is worth and construct a loan agreement based on its current value. If you agree to the terms and the set amount for the loan, we will begin the process to get you the cash you need quickly. Florida Pawn in the Hollywood and Margate, FL has been trusted as the pawn shop to get you the most amount of money possible, guaranteed.

Why pawn your boat title?

Since boats do not have titles, you will be placing your boat in the care of Florida Pawn and will not be able to use it until the loan and interest are paid back in full. Most of the time, we can extend the loan agreement as long as the interest is being paid. Contact Florida Pawn today to see how we can help get you the money you need with your boat title.

What if I don’t have a high credit score?

The great thing with our Cash for Cars program is that no credit check is required! No matter your score, as long as you have an I.D. and the actual title, we can get you the financial assistance you need today at Florida Pawn in either Hollywood or Margate, FL.

Need Help Buying or Selling Large Items? Visit Florida Pawn!

Florida Pawn is happy to help the residents of Hollywood and Margate, FL gets the most money when deciding to sell your large items, guaranteed. And when you wish to buy large items like a boat, motorcycle, power tools, or even a car, you can count on our experienced staff to help you find the perfect fit for your lifestyle and at an even better price. Visit one of our two shops today and upgrade your large items today!