Which jewelry can help you release the most dollars?

Which jewelry can help you release the most dollars?

When you need access to money, selling some of your jewelry can offer a quick and simple way of doing this. At Florida Pawn, we can help you as we deal in a wide variety of jewelry. Our experienced team will give you a fair appraisal of your jewelry after giving it a thorough inspection.

But which items would be the best ones to sell? To help you decide we have detailed below what we accept and what factors can impact their value.

Jewelry that we handle

We accept a wide range of jewelry such as:

  • Rings including wedding rings, engagement rings, eternity rings
  • Earrings
  • Necklaces, chains and pendants
  • Bracelets
  • Anklets
  • Brooches
  • Cuff links


The metal and jewels that the piece is made from are an important element of their value. To help you assess your jewelry, you should look for:

  • Hallmarks – these should be present on all precious metals made in the last 100 years, unless it has worn off. It will indicate the material and possibly the maker.
  • Weight – metals all have different weights and heavier metal tends to be more valuable, for example, gold is heavier than brass, silver heavier than pewter.
  • Signs of discoloration – jewelry made from gold or platinum shouldn’t discolor of fade, unless the item is gold-plated which is less valuable.
  • Prongs – examining the prongs on the stones can help distinguish if it is valuable. If held purely by prongs it is more likely to be valuable but if there is glue, it is more likely to be a cosmetic piece.


The state of the jewelry will also make a big impact on the value of it. If the piece shows signs of wear and tear like scratches or color discoloration from being heavily worn than the value will be lower.


The make or brand can greatly impact value as some brands can hold on to their value better. This is more likely to be the case with high-end jewelry and the value can be improved if you still have the box and any papers that you got with it.

Age and family history

Jewelry that has been passed down in your family or antique pieces that in a good condition can achieve a good value. However, if it is a family heirloom you may want to consider its wider value to your family before selling it.

Many antique jewelry pieces can be cosmetic and made from lower-quality materials, so these may not hold as much value as you might think. Some very striking and interesting cosmetic pieces may hold more value depending on current trends.

Market value

The value of your jewelry will also be dependant on the current market value of the materials it is made from and these prices are fluid due to market changes.

It is important to set your expectations and understand that most items will be worth considerably less than what you paid for it. As mentioned above the make, condition and desirability will impact the value.