Sell my electronics

Sell my electronics

We all invest in our electronics so we can have the latest or best technology for our needs but what happens to those items we have replaced that are often still in good working order? They probably get put away in a drawer or gather dust as we no longer use them anymore.

These forgotten electronics could be given a new lease of life and be reused by other people and as they will still hold some value why not sell them and make some money back from them? You could even raise funds towards your next electronic purchase whether you have your eye on the new Sony PS5 that is coming out later this year or the rumoured iPhone 12 and all its upgraded features.

Many people don’t like selling their electronic goods because they think about selling them privately which can be a lot of hassle, which is where we come in. Why not let us at Florida Pawn take the hassle out of selling your electronics? As our website says – We pay the most for your items so we can offer you a great deal.

What electronic goods do we accept?

We trade in a wide variety of electronic goods which includes TVs, stereos, cell phones, laptops, games consoles and tablets. If the item, you want to sell isn’t listed contact us to find out if we will accept it as we accept most items.

The electronic goods will need to be in good working order and be intact to be of any value and therefore be of interest to us.

What do we look for in the item?

The age, quality and condition of the item will determine the resale value of it. The age of the item will influence the desirability of it as well as a brand and its features. Those items that were deemed as hot items such as iPhones with desirable features will often hold greater value.

The condition of the item is the most important as this will determine the value most. The item must be in a good working condition and operate as expected on inspection. They will be checked for their work condition, safety and physical appearance. Many items especially portal ones like cell phones and tablets can suffer from bumps and scratches and general wear and tear that will lower their price.

Why sell your electronics to us?

There are many reasons why we are a good option to sell your electronic goods to which include:

  • Simple and hassle-free process.
  • No need to advertise the item or deal with buyers or time wasters.
  • Safe way to sell your items as you don’t need to meet buyers or rely on postal services.
  • We offer a fair price.
  • We are trustworthy and will help you see the value of your item.
  • We will ensure that the item is returned to factory settings and no personal information remains on the item.
  • Our stores are open 6 days a week and until 7pm on weekdays