How to pawn sneakers Florida

How to pawn sneakers Florida

There is a growing trend for unique and interesting sneakers which has resulted in a market for sneaker pawn. Selling your sneakers to raise some money might not be the first thing that comes to your mind, but many people are already doing this and making some good cash.

Sneakers are popular as an expression of style and there has been a revival of classic designs which are now highly sought after. Some buyers want to purchase these sneakers to wear and others like to collect them and display them.

Why sell sneakers?

Many of us have wardrobes full of clothes and footwear that you do longer wear or like and it can be a great way of raising some cash when you need it. Selling your clothing and footwear can be painstaking when you have to take pictures, list them and then handle enquiries even before you sell them. Once sold you then have to arrange collection or postage and take the payment which could also incur fees. Often it might not seem worth it, which is why many people are turning to pawn shops to sell their desirable items.

Selling your sneakers can be so straight forward and simple when you sell them to us at one of our Florida based pawn shops. We take the hassle outselling them and will offer you a fair price for them and purchase them straight away.

Which sneakers do you buy?

We will accept a wide variety of sneakers, but we are particularly interested in sneakers that are more unique and were not manufactured in large quantities, or more desirable designs and brands that have become iconic pieces. The rarer and more desirable your sneakers are the greater their value will be.

Some of the sneaker brands that we are particularly interested in are:

  • Nike Air Jordans
  • Dior
  • Burberry
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Balenciaga
  • Adidas
  • Nike
  • Under Armour

The best way to find out if your sneakers are worth selling is by getting in contact with us either by visiting one of many stores or by giving us a call before visiting our store.

How does selling my sneakers work?

We are experienced pawnbrokers who handle a wide variety of products either by purchasing them outright or using them as collateral in a pawn shop loan. Whether you sell or pawn your sneakers is up to you.

When you visit one of our Florida stores, we will appraise your sneakers and do our research before we make you an offer. During our appraisal, we will examine the sneakers and look at their condition as this can greatly impact their value and saleability. We will also research the sneakers to discover what their market value is and this will be based on a number of factors including their brand, age, design, the amount produced and their condition. Once we have done this, we will make you a fair offer based on their current market value.